I’m Jim Galfano and I eat Paleo. The purpose of this website is to give myself easy access to the recipes I most often use.

You can search the Internet and probably find similar recipes on bloated sites with pop-up ads and affiliate links and a boring story before you get to the actual recipe.

I don’t have time for that.

Plus, I can never remember a great recipe three weeks later when I want to make it again. So, this is dedicated to us lazy people that just want the stupid recipe, not the fluff.

There are no affiliate links here and no one is paying me one red cent for anything. If I recommend something, it is because I actually believe in it.

About Paleo

Every recipe on this site is 100% as close as humanly possible to Paleo. Don’t trust me, though. I’m preaching nothing. Get Cordain’s book for Paleo v1 and check out Mark’s Daily Apple for Paleo v2. (See? No link.)

Grok didn’t have access to a lot of the foods we eat today. They didn’t open a pantry stocked with all kinds of spices and dried herbs or get Amazon to deliver a handy dandy InstantPot.

Grok didn’t have air conditioning either, so…….

Enjoy my site!